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Friday, 30 March 2012

China Night...

A few years ago (before our kids were born) Ian and I brought back some cute wee outfits for our neice and nephew from China Town. Ok, it was a bit of a random gift! Fortunately the kids loved them and we turned these wee outfits into a spur of the moment theme night (as you do).

And so China Night was born!!!

Ian and I ran home to find something that looked remotely Chinese and my Sister and Brother-in-law did the same.

Well, it wasn't an easy task and, to be fair, neither of our outfits were actually Chinese but what a laugh we had. Ian only had a pair of PJs from Muji so he paired that with his socks and flip flops for a Japanese look... I had a dress that looked vaugely Oriental.

When we arrived at my big sister's house, we were not let down at all. In fact we were very impressed with Lesley's dress as it was actually Chinese and from China! However, as Gordon came down the stairs in his outfit, Ian and I nearly wet ourselves on the door step! He was wearing my Nana's dress teamed with some sports socks and flip-flops, oh yeh, he also had a painted on moustach!!!

Everyone looked absolutely brilliant and so funny! I just hoped somewhere in China that night, there was a group of similar nutters dressed as Scottish people wearing a mixture of tartan things teamed with Moris Dancing scarves and bells!!!!

So what should we eat on our China Night...? Chinese of course! So, which of us was going to the Takeaway restaurant? Unfortunately, after quickly realising that Les, Gordon and Ian would probably get chucked out the restaurant, it fell to me to get the take away.

We had so much fun that night, we did it again the next year.



Bring on China Night 2!

  • Les came a Japanese Geisha Girl!
  • I had a jacket from China and some baggy trousers
  • Ian brought out his trusty Muji PJs
  • C had taken up Ti Kwon Do and so wore his unoform and passed his original outfit to J.
  • J passed her old outfit to H!
  • Gordon...well, he struggled a bit this time - I think he was feeling the pressure to out do his outfit from last year. He eventually decided to wear his football kit and scarf...we had no idea what he was thinking or what he was meant to be!

It turns out he came as a 'Fan'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We made Chinese hats! I copied some chinese writing from the takeaway menu and put it on my hat. I have no idea what it siad...probably something like Kung Po chicken and special fried rice!

Again, I was sent for the Takeaway.

So, we had really exhauseted the idea of China night and so last year we changed the theme to:
 International Night

To ensure I wasn't again sent to the takeaway, I decided that I would buy some International foods and heat them at home!

I can't find the photos from International Night at the moment but I'll add them when I have a better look.

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