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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Falkirk Wheel Fun Day


It's rare that I get the chance to get together with my sister and her family (the A team are always super busy) so we jumped at the chance to get together. We headed up to the Falkirk Wheel for the morning and played at the swing park and then the water park.
It had been raining the night before so everything was quite wet when we arrived. Unfortunately for Cam, he was sent down first to dry the slides with his bum! He said he didn't mind. Evan is a bit wee for most of the things on the park but he had fun running around.

 The hammock proved a popular resting place after all the running around.


The Falkirk Wheel is a spectacular piece of engineering and an incredible piece of art. It can be seen from miles away (at Christmas time it is lit up beautifully at night) It's is the world's first and only rotating boat lift that serves to take boats from the Forth and Clyde Canal and joins them to the Union Canal (35m higher) therefore making it possible to navigate across Scotland by boat.  The amazing thing is that it uses very little power and takes only a few minutes for the wheel to rotate - it is so cool!

A rare shot of Daddy here


The water park was added to the Falkirk Wheel site a few years ago and, to be honest, we'd never really ventured near it - it was usually really busy.

It turns out it is very cool; it has a number of activities about transporting water (locks/ sluice gates, making energy to move water and an Archimedes screw.  There is also a large sandpit with sit-in diggers and a little maze too.

The kids had loads of fun experimenting; sending water up the Archimedes Screw by running round the plate at the bottom (Uncle Gordin and Daddy enjoyed this too),  making lots of water jump out of the ground and working the hand pumps. Poor wee Evan got the fright of his life though when Uncle Gordon soaked him with a jet of water...oops!


Uncle Gordon had loads of fun too
Cam in his element

 Les with Evan, right before Uncle Gordon soaked them both.

 Evan still looks a bit annoyed in this picture after getting wet...hee hee

Gorgeous Jen having fun
Cam and Jen were experts at all the areas - they helped show Heather what to do.

Heather had LOADS of fun but did NOT want her photo's such a shame because in many pictures she looks grumpy and it is definitely not the case.
A fun day was had by all. Thanks family xx

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