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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Heather's Nursery Sports Day

Today we had the joy of attending Heather's first ever Sports Day. Heather is a very fit wee thing and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES running and doing '"exercises" (jumping and balancing), so she was very excited about her Sports Day. It was made all the more special because Ian managed to get away early from work so he could attend and Granma was able to come along too.

Sports Day was held at the little park beside the Primary school which has a swing park in it. We arrived a little bit early so Evan enjoyed a turn on the swings - so did me and Granma!!! My mum was very excited to have a turn on the swings...she is a big kid at heart.


What a beautiful sight it was to see all the little ones arrive, walking hand in hand with their P7 buddies, ready for an afternoon of sports and races. There were 8 potted sports activities for the little ones to try with their buddies -  Heather seemed to enjoy them all. It was lovey to see her interact with her nursery friends & staff and did exactly as she was told (phew!!!). After the potted sports the kids all had a rest and a snack before starting the races.

The past week has been beautiful and the weather has been really warm (between 17-22 degrees - a rarity in Scotland, even in summer) so we were all dressed for the weather in our shorts and t-shirts. After about 30 mins, the sky became very dark with big grey clouds and it got pretty windy - we were freezing!! I had wrapped my cardigan around Evan to keep him warm when he was napping in the pram. The wee ones were fine though as they were running around and keeping warm. Ian and I have never been so delighted to see a cup of tea at half time!

 Heather indicating she was cold - the hoodie went in soon after this.

 The 'carrying-bean-bags-on-a-tray-event'. Perhaps I should suggest this one at school for my sports day...



Hurdles - at one point, H lifted it and went under rather than over! Freestyling.

 Ball rolling

Goal kicking - unfortunately, Heather may have inherited my footballing skills...


 Lining up for the start of the Girls Running Races

Girls Bean-bag-between-the-knees-and-jump-race. This one was super cute to watch!

The races finished with a staff race and the parents race. My mum said I shouldn't enter because I am a professional - let me make it clear, I am not Usain Bolt - I am a PE teacher and as you'll see in the pictures below, I do not specialise in the egg and spoon race. Oh yeh, I was also wearing flip-flops!

What a lovely afternoon we all had. We quickly dashed home for a heat and another cuppa.

Well done Heather, Mummy and Daddy were very proud of you. xxx

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