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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Olympic Fever

Olympic Fever...


 Woweeeeee, the torch came within about 100m of our house!

I actually cried i was so excited - I know, sad!
So in honour of this once in a lifetime event - we had a wee party...I promise, this one was wee.
Luckily it was my day off and Ian managed to get the afternoon off too. So we had my Mum and our friends The McGaugies and the Caleys (minus Adam who couldn't get out of work) over to watch the relay pass and have a mini-olympics and garden picnic. . Unbelievably, the weather was good to us - T-shirts, sunscreen and hats!
So about an hour before the relay was due in our street we took our spaces.  Out on the street there were thousands of people - the entire High School + about 4 primary schools + residents + everyone else who lived in the area and didn't go to work that day!!!
Mum, Ian and Heather
We tried to explain to Heather, Rory and Ben (all age 2) that the Olympic Torch was coming by and that it would be really exciting. Heather seemed so bored and confused and kept asking to see the torch - I found out later that she thought it was a flashlight type torch we were waiting for! How disappointing that would have been.
Well, we were there an hour early but we picked the right seats as it turned out the torch handover was about to happen right beside us. Woweee - we had no idea! (It happened months ago and I'm still getting excited writing about it).

I have to admit the kids were getting bored and poor Claire (who was heavily pregnant) could really have done with a seat whilst we waited.
Then it arrived...
        .....The Metropolitan Police convoy, people selling merchandise, BMX trickster guy, the bus convey of promoters, the Torch bearer's bus...loud music, dancing, flag waving, cheering and lots and lots of smiles. It was so cool.

 Family snap, Heather trying to avoid it as usual

The street just got busier and busier

Me and my Mummy - she was as excited as me!


 Me and my girl waving our flags

Claire and Rory



Our wee flag wavers were getting a bit bored - and then it all arrived!

The start of the Met Convoy vehicles
The sponsor vehicles arrive
Olympic Torch Bearers on their bus

The Coca Cola Bus
Mum was given an Olympic bottle of Coke! Woohoo
This is when we realised we were right at the handover point - for the next lot of pictures you'll need to look hard to see the flame and handover. My Mum did manage to get an amazing picture of the handover because she stood right in front of the camera that took live feeds of the relay  - for a few seconds, the world will have seen my Mum instead of the handover...ha ha ha

Mini Olympics and Picnic

Gold, Silver and Bronze

Chris gets the Egg and Spoon race underway
It honestly took ages to get them all ready at the same time.

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