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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Autumnal Adventures

I am not someone who likes tradition - I don't know why. Oddly though, since having my children, I have started creating our own wee family traditions. One of these traditions is the Annual Autumnal Adventure. Autumn is such a nice time to go for a walk and look at the amazing colours in the trees (if it's not pouring with rain) and a lovely chance to have a family day out.

So the tradition started. The first time we did it (2009), it was the most beautiful cold, crisp and sunny day. We went to Beecraigs Country Park, with our posh picnic (with proper mugs and plates - we don't rough it), took the family and went for a walk in the woods. We made a big pot of soup, some little sandwiches and baked a Red Velvet cake for the picnic.

To make it fun for the little ones I found some good outdoor activities on - collecting leaves etc. It was loads of fun.

Below are some of the photos from 2009, 2010 and 2012. We didn't go last year as Evan had just been born.


Heather was just a few weeks old here

Me, Lessel, Jenny and Heather

The family having our posh picnic

Heather - so sweet

Me, Cameron, Mum and Colin

Moments after this was taken, Les fell in the wee stream below...oops! we all laughed!

Jenny all snuggly and cosy

Cam Cam!


Poor Ian felt awful but soldiered on - he's not in any pics. It turned out he had glandular fever and spent the next 6 weeks in bed. 

Me and Cam with our leaf crowns on

Cam and Jenny

Mum and Colin with their leaf crowns on

The A Team looking super cute


Ian and our gorgeous 'Big Boy' - that one's for you Auntie Trace..........hahahahahahah
Beecraigs Lake
Uncle Paul, Evan, Me, Granma, Auntie Leanne and Auntie Tracy - stopped and ready for our picnic

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