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Friday, 11 July 2014

Auntie Janice's 40th Birthday

To celebrate Auntie Janice turning 40, she organised a family dinner at 'Wilidings' in Maidens. Aunt Janice, Uncle Alan and the kids had been having a great time staying at the family caravan for the week - so it was great that they invited us down to help them celebrate. We had a lovely meal together.

Wildings Restaurant

Janice's family organised a surprise cake for her which was brilliant. I know she secretly loved it when all 14 of us burst into "Happy Birthday" in the restaurant. Ha ha!!
 The kids helped blow out the candles.
Janice with her brothers Douglas & Adam and her sisters Shona & Jean. Sadly her sister Elma couldn't be there.
To keep the kids entertained, we brought sticker books and glow sticks as well as letting Heather lose with the camera (she loves taking photos).


Grampa and Alec

The glow sticks were a big hit - the kids had loads of fun running round the table with them and making them into bracelets, head bands and hula hoops.  Grampa enjoyed them too!

Poor Ian and Alan drew the short straw and had to take the kids outside to the swing park, while the rest of us chatted and enjoyed our dinner at a leisurely pace.   

Me and my boy

Ian and Hannah
 Here are some lovely pics of the gorgeous kids & Granny and Grampa




Granny and Grampa


Saturday, 28 June 2014

Heather Graduates Nursery (LV)

To celebrate little miss Heather moving on from LV Nursery and moving on up to Primary One, she had her (second) graduation last week. It was a held in the woods on a cheery and bright Thursday afternoon. Throughout the year, the nursery had taken the little ones up to the woods for some adventures and outdoor learning so it was very apt that the ceremony was held there.

The five of us enjoyed a lovely wander up to the woods in the sun where we met up with all of Heather's nursery class and friends and families. We met up with Heather's good friends (and neighbours) Yvie and Nathan and enjoyed an afternoon of fun on our picnic blankets. We were delighted to be joined by Granma for the celebrations. Granma had been the one taking Heather to and from Nursery all year and had grown quite attached to Heather's Teacher Miss Ralston so it was great that she could be part of it all.

When we arrived at the woods, the forest ranger  had set up some tents and had a little campfire  burning. The celebrations began with the arrival of the P5 buddies who had been looking after the little ones during their primary transition. Heather's buddy is a lovely girl called Emma - Heather just loves her buddy Emma.

Celebrations began with some woodland adventures including den building and pond dipping. Heather, Emma, Evan, Granma and I headed into the woods and built a little hedgehog den. The Dads stayed behind for a blether!

After den building, there was a bird display by one of the Granddads from nursery and then the wee ones sang us some of their favourite songs. Then the buddies gave the little ones their graduation certificates and goody bags.

After a little picnic, the wee ones were asked to write a wish and hang it in the wishing tree. Then the teachers released the butterflies that they had been looking after since they were caterpillars. It was beautiful. To finish it all off, the ranger made us all toasted marshmallows.

It was a really beautiful afternoon. Thanks Miss Ralston.

Heather and her buddy Emma


Best friends - Heather and Yvie

Heather Graduates Nursery (ODR)

How did it happen? Where did the last 5 years go?

I still remember taking Heather to visit her nursery for the first time - she was only 7 months old -  and, like most new parents, I was so fearful of leaving her with people I didn't know. I had all the usual worries: would they cuddle her when she cried? Would they help her play? Would they know if she was hungry or tired? Would she cry all day because I wasn't there?...

It is almost 5 years on from that first day and we could not have been luckier - choosing ODR Nursery was one of the best decisions we have ever made for the kids. The opportunities, experiences and care that the wee ones have had in nursery have been fantastic. We are so grateful to all the dedicated, supportive, funny, amazing and caring staff and feel privileged that we got to be a part of their wonderful world. The ladies have truly become a huge part of our lives. Part of our family. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you.

And so, as we draw ever closer to Heather's last day at nursery, my heart is breaking at the thought. It is not the thought of Heather going to school that upsets me - no, she is more than ready and cannot wait to start. In fact, I'm sure she could go straight to Primary 3!! And it is not as if I won't ever be going back to nursery, as Evan will still be attending for a few more years. I think it's just that I'm not good at endings.  {feeling teary}

Graduation Day - Dunblane

To mark the end of Heather's time at Nursery and to celebrate all the achievements of the big boys and girls going off to Primary School, the nursery hold a Graduation Ceremony. It was held at the Catherdral Halls in Dunblane on the most beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon and we nearly missed it! We got stuck in a traffic jam on the way there - I could have cried in the car: my heart was so heavy at the thought we weren't going to make it to the ceremony. Fortunately, the wonderful manager Vic, held up the proceedings until we arrived...we were so grateful.

The boys and girls, in their graduation caps and gowns, came onto the stage and sang their favourite songs for us. Linda read a beautiful poem (I couldn't listen to the words though as I knew I would have cried) and the kids were all presented with their leaving gift and scrolls. It was just gorgeous - all of it. And, for the record, I held the tears in until I got home and started to read her yearbook! Many, many tears fell.

So, here are some pictures to help us remember the day.
 Heather's official Graduation picture
 Singing on the stage with all the big boys and girls.
 Receiving her scroll from her Key worker, Diane

 Cutting the Graduation Cake - Heather looks like she's about to burst!


All the ladies who have looked after Heather: (L-R) Natalie, Terri, Vhari, Amy, Marianne and Claire. Sadly, Hayley couldn't be there.

Heather with the 3-5 room staff and Mangers Vic and Jill (L-R) Diane, Vic, Anita, Jill, Linda

Heather with Jim, her Nursery-Primary Liaison Teacher 
Heather and her best friend Esme
 Playing outside at the Cathedral


Evan hiding!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Evan turns 2


Having gone all out on both Heather and Evan's first birthdays, we decided to make the next birthdays a little more low key. Yes...Ian and I CAN do low key! Low key, but still with a theme!

We had a few close friends over, a cake, some party games and some family members. The theme this year was Super-hero! Although judging by Evan's current obsession with horses, we maybe should have had a horse theme..

For his birthday we got a very cool farm/ stables and lots of horses or "neigh-neighs" as he calls them. He was one very, very happy 2 year old.


 The decorations:

As usual, we find a way of decorating the living room and hall. Ian created a city-scape out of black paper, stickers and chalk. It looked really effective.

 In the hall we continued the city scene and added a superman poster and some super-hero bunting.

 The cake


We set up some super-hero mask making things on the kitchen table. The kids (and adults) had fun making their own special mask.



Mask making fun





Superhero-silly string 




 Pass the Parcel



Photo Props Time

 Super heroes come together

 Heather showing her muscles.                                                 Best Buds:   Rory and Ben

 Uncle Gordon and Jenny

My wee cutie and me!
Think Uncle Gordon fell asleep in this one

Happy 2nd Birthday to our gorgeous and clever Evan,
lots of love Mummy, Daddy and Heather xx