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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Heather Graduates Nursery (LV)

To celebrate little miss Heather moving on from LV Nursery and moving on up to Primary One, she had her (second) graduation last week. It was a held in the woods on a cheery and bright Thursday afternoon. Throughout the year, the nursery had taken the little ones up to the woods for some adventures and outdoor learning so it was very apt that the ceremony was held there.

The five of us enjoyed a lovely wander up to the woods in the sun where we met up with all of Heather's nursery class and friends and families. We met up with Heather's good friends (and neighbours) Yvie and Nathan and enjoyed an afternoon of fun on our picnic blankets. We were delighted to be joined by Granma for the celebrations. Granma had been the one taking Heather to and from Nursery all year and had grown quite attached to Heather's Teacher Miss Ralston so it was great that she could be part of it all.

When we arrived at the woods, the forest ranger  had set up some tents and had a little campfire  burning. The celebrations began with the arrival of the P5 buddies who had been looking after the little ones during their primary transition. Heather's buddy is a lovely girl called Emma - Heather just loves her buddy Emma.

Celebrations began with some woodland adventures including den building and pond dipping. Heather, Emma, Evan, Granma and I headed into the woods and built a little hedgehog den. The Dads stayed behind for a blether!

After den building, there was a bird display by one of the Granddads from nursery and then the wee ones sang us some of their favourite songs. Then the buddies gave the little ones their graduation certificates and goody bags.

After a little picnic, the wee ones were asked to write a wish and hang it in the wishing tree. Then the teachers released the butterflies that they had been looking after since they were caterpillars. It was beautiful. To finish it all off, the ranger made us all toasted marshmallows.

It was a really beautiful afternoon. Thanks Miss Ralston.

Heather and her buddy Emma


Best friends - Heather and Yvie

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