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Friday, 11 July 2014

Auntie Janice's 40th Birthday

To celebrate Auntie Janice turning 40, she organised a family dinner at 'Wilidings' in Maidens. Aunt Janice, Uncle Alan and the kids had been having a great time staying at the family caravan for the week - so it was great that they invited us down to help them celebrate. We had a lovely meal together.

Wildings Restaurant

Janice's family organised a surprise cake for her which was brilliant. I know she secretly loved it when all 14 of us burst into "Happy Birthday" in the restaurant. Ha ha!!
 The kids helped blow out the candles.
Janice with her brothers Douglas & Adam and her sisters Shona & Jean. Sadly her sister Elma couldn't be there.
To keep the kids entertained, we brought sticker books and glow sticks as well as letting Heather lose with the camera (she loves taking photos).


Grampa and Alec

The glow sticks were a big hit - the kids had loads of fun running round the table with them and making them into bracelets, head bands and hula hoops.  Grampa enjoyed them too!

Poor Ian and Alan drew the short straw and had to take the kids outside to the swing park, while the rest of us chatted and enjoyed our dinner at a leisurely pace.   

Me and my boy

Ian and Hannah
 Here are some lovely pics of the gorgeous kids & Granny and Grampa




Granny and Grampa