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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Where does the time go? A quick look back...

I just realised it has been months since I last put anything on here. I just don't know where the time goes. I have the best intentions to keep the blog up to date but, ironically, life just keeps getting in the way!

E is now 9 months and H will soon be turning 3! Recently they both seem to have moved on a stage and can do so much more.

~ H is so chatty, funny and confident. She started Ballet and Tap classes and has moved up to the 3-5 room at nursery. She is dressing and undressing herself and exerting her Independence at every opportunity!We are still yet to master the toilet training but there have been some huge improvements. On the downside, she also seems to have mastered some epic tantrums! Once it was so exhausrting for her that she fell asleep on the hall floor.

~ E is sitting up on his own with increasing confidence and control. He has started on solid food and is drinking water from a cup. Solids were a bit tricky at first as he wouldn't open his mouth. Fortunately he has mastered it now and is enjoying lots of different new tastes. In the last 2 weeks his bottom 2 teeth have come through and he has learned to clap and almost wave.

It has been a busy old time!

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