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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Pink Week

I have to say that she had no problem with the colour pink as this is her favourite one.

Pink clothes and pink food...we struggled with the food a bit because she wouldn't eat anything I put down!! FussyToddlers!!!

We collected stones from the garden, washed them and then painted them pink!

The 3 Little Pigs. I thought this story was vaguely has 3 pink pigs in it!!

So to continue our pink theme I printed out some images of the characters and the houses. I set H free with the paints, crepe paper and other bits and bobs I got H to paint them. We did a bit of a mixed media style with this one - although the picture doesn't show them all. We used spaghetti as straw on one of the houses, painted one pig pink, coloured one pink and glued pink tissue to the 3rd one.

After they were all dry, I cut them out and laminated them and stuck some lolly sticks to the back ~ voila: pink themed story puppets!

We did a wee puppet show behind some chairs - Ian and I told the story using our best acting skills...we weren't that good but I don't think the kids noticed thankfully.

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