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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Colours of the rainbow

Unfortunately when your Mum is a Teacher, everyday is a school day!

 I have been teaching H colours over the last 3 months (she is also learning at nursery too). I started with blue and green - only because on most journeys to nursery, I told her that the trees are green and the sky is blue. I soon relaised that if this was my main teaching staretgy we would soon run into trouble quite quickly as we don't pass many pink, orange or purple things! So, I thought it might be a better idea to teach her the colours of the rainbow.

I am a lover of mindmaps (I am a complete saddo; I actually bought and read the Tony Buzan Mindmapping book) and used this to come up with little ideas to help me teach colours. It involved books, songs, rhymes, pictures, clothes, food and crafts all relating to the colours of the rainbow. I think I was a bit adventurous though, so will come back to some of the ideas when she is bigger. I decided to have colour weeks.

My first task was to paint a rainbow to hang in the playroom. I then found loads of little clipart pictures in all the rainbow colours.The next day I then taught her the 'rainbow song'. I began teaching her the colours in the order that they come in the rainbow. We started with Red Week.

The wee fun things we did are in the next posts

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