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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Christmas Fun

Christmas is my absolutely favourite time of the year. I only have happy memories of Christmases thanks to my wonderful Mum and Nana and Papa.

The funny thing about Christmas, is that you only know one kind of  Christmas: the way it is done in your house. I have to admit, I assumed everyone did the same as we did. We always had Christmas at home and my Nana and Papa were always there. We would get up as early as we could and Mum would go into the living room to check if Santa had been. We would then go in and open all our parcels at breakneck speed! Mum would work her way round the room with a black bag picking up all the wrapping paper and ribbon. We would then have breakfast (still in our PJs) and eventually we would get dressed.

It turns out, everyone does it differently. One of my friends never used to get her parcels wrapped - she would go into her living room and all parcels were lying out on the sofa. My husband grew up on a farm and I discovered (about 6 years ago when I stayed over) that their Christmas was quite different from mine. They all got showered, dressed, breakfast and then, once the cows were milked, the presents could be opened! What is that all about...?

I does explain why Ian has lots of pateints and I have none!!!

Anyhoo, I am obsessed with all things Christmasy and I love hearing about other people's Christmas traditions. I am keen to start some traditions with my wee ones and so search the web for ideas and ask people what fun stuff they remember about their Christmases.

Since H is only 2, we've not had long to establish many traditions but we managed to start a couple last year. A friend of mine told me that her Dad used to cover the door to her living room with wrapping paper and they used to burst through the door on Christmas morning. I thought that sounded so cool! We tried it...H was more scared than excited by it. Eventually Ian had to burst through the paper. Oh yeh, by the time we remembered that we were going to do this, we didn't have enough paper left. We had what resembled a patchwork quilt!

The other traditions/ fun things we started include:

1. writing letters to santa and getting photos taken with them. I laugh out loud everytime I look at H - she looks so special!
2. Making cookies for Santa and then put them on a plate (printable from Tipjunkie)
3. I made a felt tree with felt baubles (saw it on Pinterest)

4. We do a different theme in the dining room every year

5. We made reindeer dust and H and Ian put it out for Rudolf.

My colleague had a great tradition - he used to have a treasure hunt on Christmas morning. He would write out clues for his daughters to find their parcels...I love this idea and might try it out when H and E get bigger.

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