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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Santa Letters

Last year I took a picture of Heather and Evan with their letters to Santa and thought it would be good to capture the same photo with the kids each year.

I have been asking Heather what she wants from Santa since the startof December. To begin with, she said she didn't know what she wanted. I had already thought she might like a bed for her dolls so I suggested that  - she instantly thought that was a good idea. (Phew!) I quizzed her about what else she might like Santa to bring, she thought for a while and then said she would like some new pyjamas and some pink slippers with sparkles on them. I asked if she wanted him to bring anything else but she said no. I was just about crying, it was so cute. Since then, we have carefully recited this list so that she remembers what she has asked for.

I then had to enlist Heather's help to see what she thought Evan might want from Santa. Again she struggled for ideas. She finally said that Evan should get a new shirt and also a new pair of pyjamas and slippers too. I suggested that Evan might like a toy, so we decided that a Dinosaur would be a good idea (phew!)

Here are the pics from 2012


Here are the pics from 2011 

H was 2 and E was only a few months old. I cannot stop myself chuckling when I see Heather'swee innocent face...

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