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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Crafting

Gluing, sticking, cutting, colouring, painting...

Ever since Heather was little we have always done lots of crafting things. She loves all kinds of crafty things so I love finding new things for us to try together. Discovering Pinterest has been wonderful, it has been the source for many of our activities.
Heather's new passion for 'crafting' is face paint!!! At least once a week she says "I've got a good idea, how about we do face painting? We haven't done that for ages!" The thing is, it's not her own face she wants's Daddy and Mummy's faces she wants to decorate.

We have quickly identified her unique signature style...she always does a black nose - see below!
Most of our crafting takes place when Evan is asleep. I can't wait until he is bigger so that he can join in the fun too. At the moment, he just wants to rip everything or put it in his mouth!

In the last few weeks we have created a variety of things including a Christmas tree, cookies, snowflakes and Santa hats. The crafting bug must be catching - Daddy had loads of fun making snowflakes.
Ian found his inner kid and had lots of fun cutting out snow flakes.

Heather had fun for about an hour creating her own Christmas tree for the playroom. I cut out a big tree shape from green paper and then cut out little shapes for her to stick on it.

Evan was asleep!

Our lovely friends came over for lunch and we made some Christmas tree decorations out of bicarbonate of soda,  corn flour and water. They look really good, they turn out very white and have a little bit of asparkle too. 

  What a cheeky face~full of fun!

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