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Friday, 6 September 2013

4th Birthday Celebrations

Heather's party was the day before her birthday so we had a whole other day of celebrations in store for her - cue one happy Heather...and two exhausted parents!

Her present from us, along with the party and her dress, was a pony trek. At the start of the summer she had a pony ride at Crieff Hydro and absolutely fell head over heels in love with ponies! So we said that she could have a pony trek at Wellsfield farm. In the week leading up to her birthday, she was super excited - so come Birthday morning she was fit to burst!

After opening up her beautiful gifts she got ready to go on the pony. Daddy stayed at home with Evan but we took Granma with us - she was as excited as Heather.



Heather's pony was called Molly.

Granma, Heather and Molly

Saying goodbye to Molly

After the pony ride, we came home and continued Heather's special day with a Subway lunch and then a trip to the cinema with Mummy and Daddy (thanks Granma & Colin for babysitting Evan) to see Monsters University. We each had a huge ice cream!  Yummmy!

After the movie we went into Smyths Toy shop so that she could spend her birthday money. She got a toy pony, a Chelsea doll with pony and a Barbie ballerina.

In the evening we had another little party with Auntie Leanne & Uncle Paul and Auntie Tracy & Uncle Paul. We played games, had cake and applied many a tattoo!



We made sure this time that Heather had a turn at opening the pass the parcel and, would you believe it, she also won! The second game was won by Evan.

Pirates and Princesses!


We all had a wonderful day.
Happy Birthday beautiful birthday girl,
Love Mummy, Daddy and Evan xxx

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