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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Our Summer 2013 Bucket List

At the start of the summer I created a "Summer Bucket List" of things to do with the wee ones. We have seven weeks off together and so I was keen to get plenty of things to do to keep us busy and fill our time. It's now the end of week six and we've only got one week of our summer holidays left  - boo hoo - where has the time gone? We've managed to do quite a few of the things on our list - (some have been done but we forgot to tick them). 

If we are going to get them all finished by next week, we may have to go to the beach, collect shells, take fishing nets, go paddling and go travel there by bus. On the way back we'll need to stop at a few parks, go ice skating and then take the train to the transport museum...! Ok, so we may have to extend the list for another few weeks.

 Photos to follow

Evan and Heather, this is what we got up to summer 2013.

We had lots of fun.

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