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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Christmas catch up...and Boxing Day Bash

I have been so busy with work that I haven't had the time to post our Christmas pictures - how can it be the end of March?

Christmas Day

The day started quite early - Evan woke around 6.30am but unbelievably we had to waken Heather.
Heather had the job of bursting through the living room wrapping paper to see if Santa had been. It was very exciting (I think I was most excited though).

As the kids opened their parcels, we noticed that Heather was a little quiet - she seemed to be a bit overwhelmed. After excitedly opening up her Merida 'Brave' doll she paused and then said that we had to give it back to Santa because it wasn't on her list...Ian and I could have cried; it was so cute.

Checking if Santa has been 




Evan managed to pinch Merida and sneak her into the tent
 Heather had wanted this book so much.
Good work Santa
Merida doll

After the parcels were opened, we went through to the kitchen to have our Christmas Breakfast - Pancakes - Christmas style! Sadly, I was the only one who decorated their pancake, the others just opted for a big pile of pancakes and maple syrup and guzzled them all down.

We spent the morning at our house playing with toys and had a visit from Grandad and Auntie Georgia and then Granma and Colin came too. After more parcels and a bit of lunch, we headed over to Ditton to have Christmas Dinner with the Steels.

Granny had everything organised and Auntie Janice was doing her best to keep the baby in (she was due any day) so that she could enjoy Christmas with the kids and have her Christmas dinner. Grampa and Uncle Alan finished doing the cows while Hannah, David, Heather and Evan had lots of fun playing together.

Once we were all together, Granny produced a gigantic cracker - it took a few of us to pull it! Inside was an array of disguises (maybe not the right word) such as glasses with moustaches, hats, fake teeth etc. The kids (and big kids) had lots of fun trying them all on.

 Granny in disguise


Sorry Janice...I had to put it on!

 Rock-star in the making!
Hello Kitty Cushion was a big hit!

Boxing Day - Bad Christmas Jumper Bash!

Mum had us all over for dinner on Boxing Day - the theme this year was Bad Christmas Jumpers. We all managed to find something suitable!
We managed to squeeze in some pass the parcel and a game of 'flap the fish'. Here are some of the snaps from the day.

Les and Gordon looking festive

Colin suits his reindeer number


Granma and Colin got the girls some Spanish dresses for Christmas.
It looks just like me and Les when we were wee...I think Mum had a tear in her eye!

I realised my Mum and Ian managed to escape getting their photos taken. This is the only one of Mum! Ian...we'll get some pictures of you next year!!

My big handsome nephew - Cam

'Flap the fish' - in full swing. We had to do it in two rounds because my Mum's hall is a bit narrow. I actually lost my fish in the vortex that is the 'hall-cupboard'...I swear it got sucked under the door and it was never found!!!

Bits and Bobs..

Other things we did: 

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